Scientific research

The Department of Landscape Ecology develops the main directions of research related to landscape ecology and landscape planning. The research also refers to the achievements of the representatives of Poznań scientific center regarding the principles of natural management. They have not only the scientific aspects but also a very important application.

I. Landscape ecology:
1. The reconstruction of landscape changes in the modern period (team – coordination: prof.  Andrzej Macias),
2. The metabolism of cities (prof. Andrzej Macias),
3. Agricultural landscape – the structure, the functioning, the variability (dr Iwona  Markuszewska),
4. Environmental science cartography (prof. Andrzej Macias).

II. Landscape planning:
1. The theory and methodology of environmental assessments (dr Sylwia Bródka),
2. Landscape forecasting and it its role in strategic and spatial planning (dr Sylwia Bródka),
3. Environmental susceptibility to human impact (prof. Andrzej Macias, Marta  Kubacka MSc),
4. Natural conditions of tourism and recreation (dr Iwona Markuszewska),
5. Management at naturally valuable areas (Marta Kubacka MSc).